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One thing we are certain of during an uncertain time– the more active Al Gore’s role in public affairs is, the better for all of us. Joining a movement of thousands of activists moved by his vision is the best way to give his work extra impact. ::: JOIN HERE :::

Expand our reach!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, etc. It all drives awareness to our progressive community.  Linking to an AlGore.org blog post on your social media from time to time, especially if it resonated with you, will help us shape the future together.

Who are we?
AlGore.org was founded by Dylan Malone, the father of the sick baby Vice President Gore famously helped during the 2000 campaign. While Dylan is friendly with Mr. Gore, this site is a grassroots effort more akin to a Draft campaign. There is no coordination with Mr. Gore and our thoughts are our own.
Why we're organizing
Despite great political and social celebrity, even Al Gore requires a large movement of supporters rallied to his banner for true political and public policy influence. Here we grow our numbers, work on the issues he cares about, and stand ready to serve if he needs us in the political system.
What's Al Gore doing?
A lot. In the public policy sphere his most visible role is as the founder of The Climate Reality Project, a wonderful non-profit organization devoted to solving the climate crisis. Grassroots organizing like AlGore.org can further expand his political reach at a time the nation desperately needs it.
How you can help
First, just joining the AlGore.org mailing list makes this movement much stronger. Social media is a powerful force, for good or evil (look at how the Russian government used it to corrupt the 2016 election). Linking to AlGore.org on your Facebook and Twitter accounts makes a big difference in our reach, thank you.
Is it too late?
No. It’s not too late to avert the worst of the climate crisis, and American democracy, while weakened, is still alive. The 2016 elections were a dark day in U.S. history, and only our very best and most able leaders are up to the task of righting the ship now, but right it they shall. That’s why we need great men like Gore to serve their country now more than ever.
What should you do?
Join us, but don’t stop there. Join your local Democratic Party, and attend local meetings. Register for an account and start blogging here, and link to your posts on AlGore.org with your Facebook, Twitter, etc., so that you can share your own ideas both with other Gore supporters and the world.

Get Involved in the Movement

Al Gore supporters can change everything

The people, not the powerful, should be running this country. The optimistic populism Gore stood for is being corrupted into an ugly, nationalistic, xenophobic and dangerous message in the era of Donald Trump. Together, we can restore the health of American democracy.

Academy Award Winning Film Series

Ten years ago An Inconvenient Truth won an Academy Award with a look at Al Gore's battle to grapple with the climate crisis. Today's new film updates the story with the latest science.

Pledge to #beinconvenient

It’s not too late. As unprecedented hurricanes ravage Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and The Caribbean, it’s easy to despair, but the worst of the climate crisis can still be averted. Join with Al Gore supporters across the country to bring his urgent message of hope to everyone.

Climate Champion

Long before it was a household term, as a young Congressman Gore held hearings on global warming in 1981. Moving critical science into good public policy is a hallmark of his career.

Tech Trailblazer

As far back as the 1970s Gore was the first elected official to grasp the potential of computer communications, which would become the internet. He sponsored bills that helped speed and extend the “information superhighway.”

Against Iraq Invasion

While short sighted politicians rushed to war with Iraq after 9/11, Gore stood almost alone among Democratic leaders trying to stop Bush’s proposed invasion.

Fiscal and Social Foresight

From his remarkable success with “reinventing government” during the Clinton White House and reducing waste to being among the first national figures to endorse a single payer health system, Gore has always been ahead of his time.

Nobel Laureate

Since leaving office, Al Gore has won a Nobel Peace Prize, an Academy Award, an Emmy, a Grammy, and too many other distinctions to list from the private sector.

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Analysis, opinion, and news from the perspective of our community, in longer form than the social media posts.